Annuities 360

"Annuity" is not a dirty word. Love them, hate them, or don't know enough about them to to have such a strong opinion about them?

At this dinner workshop, you will learn everything that annuities are but more importantly, you will learn what they are not.

Understanding the key differences between the different types of annuities and what you can expect from each is critical to answering some important questions and making the right decision:

  • Should you incorporate an annuity in your portfolio?
  • If yes, what type of annuity might be right for you?
  • Should you bother with purchasing a guaranteed income rider?
  • How much should you place in an annuity to meet your financial objectives?

During this informative workshop, you will learn how to use annuities to provide safety, avoid downside market risk, reduce how much you pay in taxes, and how to use your existing retirement accounts efficiently to maximize the benefits you get from your annuity.