Our Team

Manny Fotiou 
President & Founder

Olympic Golden Retirements was founded by Manny Fotiou in 2001, out of necessity that no family wants to go through but to many still do. Manny and George's Mom was diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma.

The bills quickly became overwhelming and Manny was forced to second guess the detrimental recommendation of their financial advisor at the time that would have wiped out their parent's finances. This intervention by Manny was the beginning of what Olympic Golden Retirements has become, a firm dedicated to helping you develop a retirement plan that protects you and your loved ones, no matter what happens to the economy or your health. Full Bio Here

“I look at retirement planning as a marathon, not a sprint”

George Fotiou
Retirement Specialist

A strong work ethic and an appreciation for public service are two things George N. Fotiou learned at an early age. Growing up working in his family’s business in Burlington, North Carolina, George honed his skills in both finance and business. He quickly developed both an ability to communicate effectively with people and an appreciation for helping others.

Specializing in wealth management, risk management and insurance and estate planning, George concentrates not only on protecting his client’s money, but also on finding the right solutions to help it grow. By using proven strategies to help clients maximize their retirement income, he takes the stress out of retirement planning by ensuring a legacy for loved ones. Full Bio Here

“Drawing from my experience with the hardships people face every day, I take a one-on-one approach to determining the best course of action for each client.”​

Renan Guillou
Retirement Specialist

Full Bio Here

"A strong belief at the core of the retirement income plans I help my clients implement is that the costs of the things you must have or don't want to do without should be secured by guaranteed sources of income."

Our Company

We are an independent firm that specializes in the Distribution phase of your finances' life-cycle; we work with you to develop retirement income strategies that maximize the retirement income generated from your accumulated assets while protecting your principal and maximizing your legacy.

We are probably a good fit if:

  • You are 50 or older and are within 15 years of retirement or already retired.
  • You are concerned with protecting what you have while safely maximizing your retirement income.
  • You no longer want to spend your days watching the pundits on TV and letting market swings affect your daily mood and your long term income plan.
  • You realize that there is more to life than watching every market up-tick and down-tick and are ready for a real retirement income plan that you don't have to micro manage.
  • You are ready to start enjoying the fruits of your labor spending your time and energy on what really matters most to you... Friends, family, hobbies, travel...

We are probably not a good fit if:

  • You are OK with your broker making money even when you lose money.
  • You aren't concerned about how your spouse will generate income if you're no longer around.
  • You have multiple sources of income and are comfortable losing some of your money.
  • You already have a plan to cover the rising cost of long term care and are positive that covering these costs for one of you will not leave the other penniless.
  • You don't care about leaving a tax efficient legacy to your loved ones and are OK with Uncle Sam being your number one beneficiary.

Our Guarantee

We Guarantee to Always:

  • Treat you like family.
  • Use every means possible to legally reduce the taxes you are paying now as well as the taxes your heirs will pay
  • Match the risk in your portfolio to your level of comfort while making sure that it provides the growth potential you need.
  • Implement plans that are easy to understand and effective you can explain to your next door neighbor in under a minute.
  • Use the safest and most tax friendly investment vehicles to generate the required income for your lifetime and for the lifetime of your spouse if appropriate.
  • Use only top rated companies to keep your money safe.