Planning For Retirement

At Olympic Golden Retirements, we specialize in helping people just like you, 50 and older, plan for retirement. Our approach to developing retirement plans focuses on net after tax income because income is the outcome that matters most for retirement security.

A true retirement income plan will not only give you the confidence to not only know when you can afford to retire, more importantly, it will give you the peace of mind knowing that you can stay retired and never have to worry about outliving your savings ever again. 

Your First Five Steps to Living a Worry Free Retirement

  • List your current expenses (download our Retirement Budget PDF here)
  • Estimate what your expenses will be in retirement (some people like to create a separate budget worksheet for each decade of retirement)
  • Sign in to and get an estimate of you Social Security Benefits at Full Retirement Age (FRA)
  • Subtract your estimated expenses in retirement from your Social Security benefits (This is the income gap that needs to be bridged using your retirement savings)
  • Work with a qualified Retirement Income Specialist to select the financial vehicles most suitable for you that will allow you to bridge the income gap that might exist at each phase of what is likely to be a 30 to 40 year retirement.

Take Back Control of Your 401(k)

If you are like so many people we talk to, you likely feel that your 401(k) or other employer sponsored retirement plans aren't performing as you had hoped or are exposed to more market volatility than you are comfortable with? If this is the case, the Retirement Optimizer is a MUST HAVE tool for you, no matter your age or the type of company sponsored plan you have.

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