Social Security Planning

When developing a retirement income plan, your Social Security benefits are the foundation. Unfortunately, with so many different claiming strategies, ongoing changes to the Social Security system and our tax code, it's no wonder so many people miss out on maximizing their Social Security benefits and even expose a greater portion of their their retirement income to taxes. 

The difference between claiming your Social Security benefit at the earliest age of 62 or waiting to start that benefit can increase your monthly check by up to 75% or more. However, this may not be possible or even the best strategy for you!

It does mean that it is extremely important to understand your options.​

Implementing the best Social Security strategy ​for you isn't just about maximizing your Social Security benefits, it's about generating the most income from all of your retirement assets. This is why even though Social Security benefit planning is of vital importance to your retirement income strategy, it is important to remember that it is just one of the steps of a comprehensive retirement income planning strategy.

We offer a complimentary Social Security analysis to help you determine what the best strategy for you is.

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