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Developing Retirement Income Strategies With The Retirement Lifestyle Guardian™

The Retirement Lifestyle Guardian™ process allows us to develop retirement plans that are tailored for your unique situation. Our goal is to structure a retirement plan unique to you and that helps reduce your risks, maximize your returns, guarantee a lifetime of income, and leave a greater legacy.

Our Retirement Lifestyle Guardian™ addresses questions like:

  • Do I have enough money saved to retire?
  • How can I increase my wealth amidst economic turmoil?
  • When should I retire and how do I maximize my Social Security income?
  • How can I generate the highest income from my IRAs, 401K, 403B, TSAs?
  • How can I reduce taxes and maximize my retirement account?
  • Can I secure guaranteed lifetime income and still increase my retirement portfolio?
  • Can I protect my assets from long-term care cost? How? What’s best for me?
  • Can I obtain Long Term Care benefits without paying for the high cost of insurance?
  • How can I leave the greatest legacy to my children and grandchildren without having to sacrifice my lifestyle?

As we work with many different companies, we are able to blend product combinations that best provide solutions to your particular needs. Sometimes, one company will be enough but often, we use the solutions offered by various companies to create a retirement income strategy that best fits your needs.

How We Work

We strongly believe and have been told by many of our existing clients that what we work differently than most other advisers in our industry… This is why the majority of new clients come to us through referrals.

We are not here to sell you a “product” and be on our way. We are here to build lasting relationships built on how effective we are at delivering on our promise of developing retirement income and estate plans that maximize the retirement income you are able to generate from your savings and the legacy you leave your loved ones.

The Retirement Lifestyle Guardian™ planning process that we developed allows you to take stock of what often is a patchwork of financial assets and expenses & convert it into a well-organized and centralized financial snapshot that serves as a benchmark for any recommendations moving forward (if needed).

By converting what is often an abstract concept into a predictable & tangible plan, our goal is to give you peace of mind either by confirming that your existing plan is as strong as it can be or by providing you with a clear path to do so.

Strategy Sessions Explained

Step 1: Set Up first Strategy Session

Call our office at 888-403-6929 or email to request an appointment. We will mail or email you a short and simple pre-meeting questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us identify which financial concerns you would like addressed immediately and how we can help.

(It is extremely beneficial to complete the questionnaire for our initial meeting)

Step 2: First Strategy Session

First, we review what is important to you: your financial goals, investment objectives, and feelings about risk. Examples: You may want a comprehensive retirement plan, a retirement income plan, a review of your life insurance coverage, or ideas on how to lower taxes through strategic planning. In just a few minutes we can dissect your investment portfolio and stress test it so you can see how another financial crisis would affect your savings. If we agree that what we do and what you expect is a good fit, we can set up a second Strategy Session.

Step 3: We Do the Research

We compare your current investment portfolio and plan to the goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance that you gave us in our initial strategy session.

We analyze both your current individual investments and your overall investment strategy, to verify that it either is, or is not meeting your goals. We design a customized investment plan and portfolio to match your specific objectives, goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We complete any retirement or financial plans you need.

Step 4: Second Strategy Session —You Are Free to Decide

We present a proposed Retirement Income Plan, which is your personal financial road map for maintaining the same quality of life in retirement you enjoyed while you were working. At this point, you are able to determine if you would like to work with us.

Step 5: Implementation

We implement the needed changes which were agreed upon during the second Strategy Session.

Step 6: Monitor, Report, Rebalance, and Reposition

This step involves a continual monitoring of your plan to make the necessary changes as needed. This includes as many reviews as you require throughout the year. We are also available 24/7 to answer all your questions and concerns.

Tangible Benefits of Our Unique Approach

Thorough, In Depth Consultation

You receive an in depth consultation where we will discuss the quality and diversification of your current portfolio, along with specific improvements that can be made.

Performance Evaluation

You find out how your investments have been performing and if they have been beating their respective benchmarks and peers.

Education about Fees and Taxes

You learn how much your portfolio is actually costing you in fees and tax inefficiencies.

Quality Retirement Plan

You receive a unique Retirement Income Plan that you can have confidence in. This plan is your very own financial roadmap customized for your specific situation.