From Our Family, To Yours

In the early 2000’s, Eleftheria Fotiou, the matriarch of the Fotiou household, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  A few months into treatment, the family learned that the health insurance policy they held was a “non-cancer” policy.  Because of this small, yet profoundly critical exception, the family was forced to utilize what little retirement savings they had for mom's medical expenses.  Unfortunately, these retirement accounts were high-risk and had lost nearly half of their value during the implosion of the dot com bubble.

The Fotiou sons, Manny and George, moved back home to Burlington to help with the family restaurant business and take care of mom.  Together, they worked with the family’s financial advisor to see what could be done. After receiving detrimental advice from the advisor, they took matters into their own hands and began to research alternative solutions, creating a safe and effective plan for their family’s financial future.  The eldest son, Manny, then began to reach out to other families at their church, imploring them to look into their own insurance policies and retirement holdings to be sure they reflected their best interests. Eventually, after taking the necessary courses and certifications, Manny and George opened Olympic Golden Retirements in 2003 - a name chosen by a now cancer-free Eleftheria.

We believe our greatest strength is our capacity to truly empathize with what a family may be going through that has necessitated an evaluation or revision of their financial portfolio. Financial planning, paired with the miscellany of unpredictable life circumstances that can arise, can be a hectic, confusing, and at times, frustrating process.  It was out of this chaos that Olympic Golden Retirements was conceived. For nearly 20 years, we have lived and breathed wealth protection, and we promise to care for your family in the same way we would for our own.


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