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The Fotiou brothers founded Olympic Golden Retirements in 2003 after noticing a gap in their own parents’ insurance policies, a discovery spurred by their mother’s cancer diagnosis. The name of the firm was chosen by their now cancer-free mother, the matriarch of the proud and tight-knit Greek family.


Olympic Golden Retirements was specifically designed to assist families in taking charge of their finances with strategies aimed at tax reduction, long-term medical needs, and assuring clients never run out of income. As a leading financial services firm in the Triangle Area for nearly 20 years, they are proud to have partnered with the industry's leading providers to offer exclusive and competitive products, as well as boutique-level service for their clients.


Our goal is to transform the abstract into the actionable, enabling clients to make tactical financial decisions with confidence, clarity, and peace of mind.

Our Team: Team Members


It takes a village

From tax return analyses to identify potential tax-saving opportunities, to investments and assets under management, to legal matters such as the creation of a living will or trust - we’ve maintained strategic relationships with carefully selected professionals with whom we work closely to provide our clients with an end-to-end suite of services.  We confidently endorse these individuals and recommend our clients utilize them for any specialized needs that may arise.

Our Team: Team Members

Matt Rubush, CPA

Operating Partner, Old House Bookkeeping & Tax


Shirley Diefenbach 

Attorney, Walker Lambe


We know that planning for retirement can be overwhelming and that even the smallest hurdle in the process can be enough to dissuade or discourage.  This is why we aim to make our services as accessible as possible. For example, many of our clients prefer to take meetings in the comfort of their homes rather than having to fight traffic and haul financial documents down to an office. We’re more than happy to oblige - we’ll come to you. Likewise, if you favor meeting in an office setting, we’ve got two Triangle Area locations to meet your needs.

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